Exclusively designed handmade fine everyday gold rings for today’s modern and independent woman who wants to express her confident self-every day.

Following are good, beautiful everyday gold rings without breaking the bank.

So, here are 8 quality pieces of everyday gold rings, at $50, that you can wear every day.

Face-to-Face RingFace-to-Face Ring

An actual Face-to-Face 925 Sterling Silver Ring plated in 14 Karat Gold or Platinum color. The opposite looking faces are made in a minimalistic style which you can wear on any occasion with a nice and fashionable outfit.


IrregularIrregular Beauty Ring

A minimalistic hollow stackable ring with no actual shape! This Irregular Beauty 18 Karat Gold-plated ring is perfectly made to impress.



Beauty Shape RingBeauty Shape Ring

The Beauty Shape is a geometric minimalistic 14 Karat Gold-plated fine silver ring that adds a special shape in your style. It is a jewelry that can be worn daily in any occasion along with other geometrically designed jewelries!


Ring HugRing Hug

Last word in fashion! This unique 14 Karat Gold Plated ring can become your favorite daily wear ring and amaze with its free style design.



Elegant Rope RingElegant Rope Ring

The Elegant Rope Ring is a fantastically and uniquely designed 14 Karat Gold-Plated ring with double layer Titanium. It’s attractive, glamorous, and definitely eye-catching!




Geometric Gem RingGeometric Gem Ring

The Geometric Gem Ring brightens your day! This adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Ring is plated in 14 Karat Gold with an astonishing Rhinestone. This geometric vintage band ring can keep a promise for a long-lasting relationship.


Geometric Senses RingGeometric Senses Ring

The Geometric Senses ring exposes all logical feelings. This adjustable 14 Karat Gold plated and 925 Sterling Silver, geometric vintage band ring makes sense to wear all the time.



Water Drops RingWater Drops Ring

An amazing and fashionable minimalist band style ring made from 925 Sterling Silver and plated in 14K Gold. It is delicate and unique, making you sparkle and impress anywhere.