Exclusively designed handmade fine everyday gold rings for today’s modern & independent woman who wants to express her confident self-every day.

Following are good and beautiful everyday gold rings without breaking the bank.

So, here are 18 quality pieces of everyday gold rings under $100, that you can wear every day.

Nesos Everyday Gold RingNesos Everyday Gold Ring

Simply extravagant! The Nesos ring looks like it’s unfolded which provides you with a unique style that can easily attract attention! It can be worn anywhere with anything and on any occasion without worrying about formality!


Olympian Everyday Gold RingOlympian Everyday Gold Ring

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, this extremely beautiful handmade ring, can give an Olympian goddess-like beauty, along with an elegant touch to any woman.



Wide Heart Everyday Gold RingWide Heart Everyday Gold Ring

This ring is the definition of boldness of the heart! It is very presentable, eye-catching, and definitely attractive! This ring is perfectly fitting to any woman who wants something completely unique in her jewelry box!


D’olivier Everyday Gold RingD’olivier Everyday Gold Ring

The D’olivier ring is inspired by the olive trees and their branches, which symbolize peace, wisdom, and friendship dating back to ancient Greek mythology. The D’olivier is a beautiful and elegant type of jewelry with an adjustable opening.


Trapped Stone Everyday Gold RingTrapped Stone Everyday Gold Ring

The Trapped Stone Ring is a minimalistic and exquisite piece of jewelry with an irregular design. This cubic zircon ring is a must-have jewelry for any woman who wants to impress and amaze daily.


Geometry Everyday Gold RingGeometry Everyday Gold Ring

An adorable, lovely, and fashionable minimalistic band. This handmade geometric piece of jewelry with Jade gemstone can add a magnificent touch to any woman’s daily outfit. In addition, the Jade Stone is bringing its own positive energies into your life and others.


Cassiopeia Everyday Gold RingCassiopeia Everyday Gold Ring

Inspired by the myth and the constellation, this ring is named after Cassiopeia who was said to be more beautiful than all the Sea Nymphs. This gold ring with a Rhinestone brings back that mythical beauty to any woman willing to wear it.


Bold Femininity Everyday Gold RingBold Femininity Everyday Gold Ring

This ring is the boldness of femininity itself by symbolizing the inner self of every dynamic woman!




Lovely Hug Everyday Gold RingLovely Hug Everyday Gold Ring

The Lovely Hug ring is a highly artistic geometric adjustable gold and enamel ring. The Lovely Hug ring is a must-have for your jewelry collection box.



Ivy Everyday Gold RingIvy Everyday Gold Ring

The Ivy ring is a an “infinite” ring that keeps going and growing around your finger just like the ivy that grows on walls! It can provide you with a style that attracts anywhere anytime!



The Shell Everyday Gold RingThe Shell Everyday Gold Ring

A simple and fashionable piece of jewelry. The satisfying color of the shell in the top of the ring makes the jewelry just incredible!



Mademoiselle Everyday Gold RingMademoiselle Everyday Gold Ring

The Mademoiselle is one of the most beautiful and extremely fashionable rings while it represents the female gender and its dynamic and determined personality. Gleaming vibrational energy, the Opal stone not only kickstarts your creative heart but brings optimism and creativity inspiring love and passion.


Petra Everyday Gold RingPetra Everyday Gold Ring

The Petra ring is an astonishing ring with a simple design! It is carved similarly to a stone and as it surrounds the finger, it looks like it’s a double ring! It can be worn along with other rings on any occasion.


Red Heart Everyday Gold RingRed Heart Everyday Gold Ring

The Heart Ring is an extremely beautiful piece of jewelry! Its red-colored cubic zirconia stone-heart makes this ring a classic. This adorable piece can serve as a ring for a long-time promise!



Omorphia Everyday Gold RingOmorphia Everyday Gold Ring

Simple, small, but alluring. This handmade ring is very distinctive. It is the meaning of beauty (Omorphia). It is decorated with white cubic zirconia stone in the shape of heart. It can be worn solo or along with other rings as a stacking ring.


Enamel Vera Everyday Gold RingEnamel Vera Everyday Gold Ring

The Enamel Vera ring is a special type of jewelry which comes in two beautiful colors, black and white. It has an adjustable irregular shape. The black and white colors on the rings are formed with enamel accordingly. They can become attractive enough when wearing a beautiful dress with opposite or similar colors.


Eye Everyday Gold RingEye Everyday Gold Ring

Traditionally, this type of ring indicates a spiritual protection. The Eye ring is a vintage ring designed in the shape of an eye and decorated with rhinestones, which can be worn along with other minimalistic rings. Rhinestone is an amazing natural stone famous for its healing properties. This gemstone stabilizes the spiritual and physical powers of a person.


Heart Everyday Gold RingHeart Everyday Gold Ring

This ring is the definition of boldness of the heart! It is very presentable, eye-catching, and definitely attractive! This ring is perfectly fitting to any woman who wants something completely unique in her jewelry box!


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